History Museums

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1991 Barricades Museum
The 1991 Barricades Museum was established in 2001 on the basis of historical items collected by the association of participants of the barricade..»
Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum
The Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum is one of the oldest open-air museums in Europe. Now its territory covers 87.66 hectares of forest on th..»
Latvian War Museum
The Museum exposition reveals Latvia’s military political history with a special emphasis on the 20th century, a period during which the Latvian ..»
Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation
This is the oldest public museum in Latvia and one of the oldest in Europe, the origin of which dates back to 1773.
Museum of the Occupation of Latvia
The Museum reveals Latvia's history from 1940 until 1991, when occupations by both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were experienced.
THE M..»
Popular Front Museum
The Popular Front Museum is a modern history archive with specific documents and display items, reflecting the Latvian people's struggle for libe..»
The Corner House
The Corner House, a project by the Occupation Museum, provides the opportunity for the wider public to gain insight into the former KGB, or ‘Chek..»
The House of the Blackheads
Due to Chancery of the President of Latvia moving to the premises of the Blackheads House, since August 2012 the Blackheads House will be closed ..»