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Bleisure Riga

Riga & Latvia emerges as an unexpected treasure waiting to be explored in the fast-paced world of conferences, congresses, and business trips. Beyond the boardrooms and meeting halls, this Baltic gem invites you to extend your stay and immerse yourself in a captivating tapestry of experiences.

When planning your trip to Riga, consider the available hotel prices. You'll find that extending your stay here is not just an option; it's an opportunity to enrich your journey. Riga offers a lot of reasons to linger here a little longer: you can work from anywhere with our lightning-fast wireless internet! You will find here architectural marvels, Riga's compact size means you can effortlessly explore its urban delights, and the city's Opera and music scene is a testament to its cultural vibrancy. Remember that Riga's culinary scene is a delightful fusion of local and international flavours. You can relax and enjoy your stay knowing that Riga is located in Latvia, an EU and NATO country known for its high level of security.

Experience the unique fusion of Nordic charm and Eastern European allure in Riga, often referred to as "The New Nordics." Discover why this hidden gem is worth more than just a brief visit. 


Riga distinguishes itself as a destination with a welcome advantage: affordable hotel prices that cater to various budgets. Many accommodations in the city often include a hearty breakfast as part of the package, ensuring a tasty start to your day. Alternatively, Riga's numerous bakeries offer an enticing breakfast spread, allowing you to relish the city's culinary delights. Make a visit to one of the best bakeries in the city - Mīkla Bakery, Mulberry, Kūkotava, Parunāsim, FIKA, Bezē.


In Riga, the possibilities for exploration are boundless. Immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural tapestry by visiting its diverse array of museums, for example, the Latvian National Museum of Art, RSU Anatomy Museum, and Riga Motor Museum, where history and art come to life. Stroll through the captivating streets in Old Town and Quiet Centre adorned with architectural gems and vibrant street art, or lose yourself in the bustling markets - Riga Central market and Āgenskalns market, where the heart of Riga's local culture thrives. In this city, every corner invites discovery and promises a unique adventure.


Riga offers a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. Pamper yourself in luxurious spa centers, where you can unwind and rejuvenate in tranquil surroundings. For those seeking active leisure, enjoy a round of golf on pristine courses or explore the city's scenic running routes, ensuring that Riga caters to relaxation and fitness enthusiasts.


Indulge in the cultural delights of Riga during your stay by experiencing world-class performances. The city is a haven for enthusiasts of Opera and Ballet, and symphonic music, with exquisite venues like the Riga Dome Cathedral hosting mesmerizing concerts. Riga's cultural calendar, which you can find here, ensures that your visit is enriched with unforgettable artistic experiences, making your stay truly memorable.


Riga's gastronomy scene is a true delight for food enthusiasts. The city's culinary landscape boasts a harmonious fusion of traditional Latvian flavors and international cuisine. If you want to taste what Riga's Fine dining restaurants offer, go to the restaurants Barents, Whitehouse, 3 chef's restaurants, Entresol, or Chef's Corner. In Ferma, wine bar Garage, Kolonāde, Forest, or in the folk club Ala Pagrabs, you can taste Latvian cuisine. Savour the wide array of bars that the capital city has to offer. When exploring Old Riga, be sure to immerse yourself in the unique atmospheres of Armoury, Rīgas Ķirsis, Sidrērija, Thirsty Bulldog, Distillers Republic, 2 more beers, or Piana Vyshnia. And if you're in the mood for dancing and a fantastic night out, stroll to Cuba Cafe, the folk club Ala Pagrabs, or B Bar. To savour a classic beer while engaging in lively conversations, consider visiting Alus Muiža, Alus Celle, or KwakInn. However, if you're a craft beer fan, you'll find Labietis or Nurme beer pubs excellent options. For more beer-related recommendations, visit our Craft Beer Guide. Great cocktails and a pleasant atmosphere await you in one of Riga's bars, such as Gimlet, B bar, SNOB, Herbārijs, or Bar Six. Find other noteworthy places in the Time for a Cocktail Guide!


Riga presents a wealth of co-working opportunities for those seeking a productive and collaborative workspace. With a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, the city boasts diverse co-working hubs and shared office spaces, making it an ideal destination for remote professionals. You will find more information about co-working areas in Riga in our Freelancer's Guide to Riga.

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